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OscarMu Season 12 Episode 2

OscarMu Season12Ep2,Exp X9999,Max stats 32767, cool drops, grand reset rewards, Weekly Siege, Balanced PVP, New Map Ferea, New Socket Items,Join Us and have Fun!!!
Votes: 158

Astera Online

Race EU /CH Mastery Cap(CH) : 330 Mastery Cap(EU) : 220 Experience Rate : 300x Experience PT : 400x Pc limit :3 Skill Point Rate : 300x Drop Rate : 1x Gold Drop :2x Alchemy Rate:1x Trade Rate :10x Silk / H : Active Max Plus : +12 adv with ( For now ) Guild Limit :32 ( For Now )Unioun Limit : 2 ( For
Votes: 1


Think You Got What It Takes To Make Your Way To Official Mp Legend And Take On The Other Gangsters Lots Of Friendly Faces On Daily Join Up Give Us A Try You Wont Be Disappointed Lots Of New Pages Added As Part Of The Update.....
Votes: 195

Heroes Mu

Heroes Mu S13 biggest private gaming project. 6 Servers! New sets s10/11/12/13 Offtrade system, stay offline while selling you items for Wcoins to other players! New maps, New Bosses with great loot! Ballanced and exciting PVE system, PVP system balanced on maximum stats: 64000, Weekly castle siege!
Votes: 1


Skylinecrime is a mafia based city building game. Create your own city and be involved in a criminal world. Commit crimes, grow your resources, buy troops, expand your areas, complete challenges, join a family, gamble in casino, attack other players, manage and add more buildings.
Votes: 4


zucchiran online ep9 private server, 7 class balance gaming system, mid rate. free donation item premium,
Votes: 170

Black Sails Global

Numele serverului: BlackSails Global Canale deschise: 4 Nivel maxim: 250
Votes: 0

UO Evolution - Ultima Online Shard

UO Evolution [DEDICATED SERVER] [AOS/ML/SE/SA] USA shard with the most custom content anywhere! Online over 8 years! Over 750+ players Online! No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap, Fast gains, New Champs, Hundreds of custom monsters/Items, 150+Quests, Custom crafting, Bioengineering, Evo Dragons...
Votes: 4

Your country needs YOU. Build your city and fight for your country and become the New Legend. Join us.
Votes: 0

Ran Online PH : MAX

RAN ONLINE PH : MAX EP7 210 max level +10 max Upgrade 167 skills no donate set HUntbase server semi quest base no hidden donate 24/7 dedicated server with DDOS protected! FRIENDLY staff! always Update :-)
Votes: 173


You play the part of the Captain of a small vessel cast out into the Galaxy to make your fame and fortune. Unlike many browser-based games, CE is a persistent game and therefore does not reset. Over a Decade of Content! A deep 'Old School' sci-fi game.
Votes: 484


Official Server Launch: Jan. 26, 2019 Episode 11.3 Nameless Island Clsssic Pre-Renewal 2-2 Transcendent Class Exp Rates: 7x/7x Item Drop Rates: 10x Normal Card Drop: 0.5-10 MVP Card Drop: 0.5% MVP & Mini Boss Cards enabled. Max Base Lv.:99 Max Job Lv. : 70 Max Stats: 99 Max Aspd: 190
Votes: 151

Fenix Mu x500 - 4 February

Fenix-Mu Season 12, Servers: X500 , New Events Lord of Ferea and Knicks, Dark Angel Items, Blood Angel weapons,, Grand Resets, Vote Reward , Unique Features, Offline Exp, Guaranteed Stability and High Performance
Votes: 101

[MODDED] LostMU Online Season 6 Episode 4

LostMU Online Season 6 Episode 4 Modded Server, Exp x1000, Drop x60, Medium, Old School, New Monsters, New Events, New Wings, New Items, Grand Reset System, Ex702S13 Items, Hack Protection 100% Secure, WebShop Available, Real Play2Win, 24/7 Online, Join US Right Now!
Votes: 51

Sentinel FlyFF

Sentinel FlyFF is a Classic Server with awesome features, providing a top quality flyff gameplay experience and a Midrate Server | Reworked Drop and Dungeons | Custom Items, Maps, Fashion and Pets | 168 Inventory Slot | Custom Currency | Farm2Win Server, All item can be hunted | Come and Join Us Now
Votes: 234

Prison Reloaded

Prison Themed text based mmorpg. Free to play. Come and join our community today. Game still under constant development so expect updates frequently to enhance your experience.
Votes: 25

DestroyMU - Season 3 Episode 1

Versiune: Season 3 Episode 1 / Exp:500xp / Drop:65 / Level reset:400 / Points Level: 5/6 Bless bug:On / Market System: On / Max stats:32767 / Ancient + Excellent FO / Exchange online hours for credits / Free Credits / WebShop / Grand reset system / Castle Siege On
Votes: 593

RebornMU - Season 3 Episode 1

Votes: 329

Wizardwow Private Server [3.3.5] [1.12.1]

New Server January 2019 - Blizzlike [Wotlk 10x] [Vanilla 5x] -Migrate/Transfer -All flight patches are open-Scripted Instances -Outdoor PVP -Daily Updates / Fixes -Friendly staff and regular -new features -Events -Perpetual
Votes: 228


Grand Opening Start: [Season 8 // Episode 3] [Exp: 50] ||»»Grand opening Bonus«« || »»More extra bonus«« || »»Special server«« || »»All Quest Works«« || »»Super Lorencia Drops: Jewels/Keys/Kundum Box+1+2+3+4+5«« || Start You Advenger MuIsrael.
Votes: 246

Global DOOM Mu Online season 9

We are offering you 2 servers. Azrael -200x || Asgard - No Reset -5x All player have the chance to all items regarding x-shop. Free credits every hour in game / voting system. Daily Events and many more. All new characters gets starting items. Join our Mu Online Season 9 and you wont regret .
Votes: 212


We are a 1.5.5 Server with a play to win; your way atmosphere. You will start with TT99 Gear, free Culti and the ability to vote for gold. We offer daily events, NW, TW, PVE, PVP, and Hide & Seek along with active GM’s.
Votes: 1

Metin2 Chandra

Bine ati venit pe serverul Chandra. Deschis pe 21 Decembrie 2018 ! Modul de joc este unul clasic asemanator anilor 2009-2011
Votes: 734

Euphresia FlyFF

Our official launch date is soon! Rates: 100x Exp, 50x Drop, 125x Penya We are a new server offering high quality systems. In addition, an active team and a game fun that is guaranteed!
Votes: 0


Join us ! Active GM, everyday improving!
Votes: 0


Metin2Legend a fost creat din pasiune, pentru adevaratul joc din trecut care intre timp a apus din cauza nenumaratelor update-uri oferite de producator. Incercam sa readucem la viata actiunea orientala MMORPG care ne-a marcat copilariile in urma cu aproape 10 ani!
Votes: 0


Pvm-Pvp Level 250 Evolutii pana la 250 5inventare Fara modate Fara ape Fara roua Sistem weapon skin Sistem curele Sistem fum Sistem esarfe Switchbot implementat Yang nelimitat New maps 1
Votes: 0

Ruin and Revenge

In the simmering heat of the city of all sins and desires, only the most ruthless men and the most cunning of women can come out on top. And when alliances turn into betrayals, and everything has turned to RUIN. You must seek out REVENGE as it erupts into smoldering passion and all-consuming desire
Votes: 248

Zeta Flyff Revolucion

Zeta Flyff Rev |Rates Low |v18 Interface |Maximum Level 150| FLY/FOR/FUN Coupon system| 3rd Jobs
Votes: 345


ROOT ONLINE // LOW RATE / Perin System / [Colosseum] [Fashion Combine] [Max Level:200] [Glow Changer][Model Change] [Quick Teleport] Sunday Updates : Pet Filte // Party Finder // Awakening System // FLY/FOR/FUN Coupon system // animals to ride [Exp: x100 / Drop: x200 / Penya: x300]. No Pay2Win,
Votes: 1