Private servers list

Rogueone Ultrafun pvp

RogueOne, an UltraFun PvP & PvE Instant 80 server opens with unique content. The server contains different farming zones (An elementary zone, titles zone, honor zone, gold zone, transmog zone) 5 scripted instances, a never seen quests rating sytem, daily quests, played time rewards, off-class spells
Votes: 4

Indominus Online

Indominus Online High rate 130 cap Silkroad server , unique skill system, Free d1 to d12 Context menu, daily events, friendly GMs and much more D14 skills 130 Fast support 247 Experience rate 100x Party Experience rate 200x Gold rate 60x Party 2x more Item rate 100x Party 2x more Alchemy rate 20x Jo
Votes: 127

Lineage 2 H5 Multiskill server
Votes: 2


Aveneia is a persistent browser based game which allows you direct control of a simulated nation where you control everything from its diplomatic relations all the way to its military relations.
Votes: 4

Soul of Gaming - Fornax

Free To Play - Play 2 Win - Free Silk - New Unique - Vote System - Cap 140 - Skills 140 - Skill Mastery EU 280 CH 420 - Degree 14 MAX Plus 16/20ADV - Alchemy Rate Custom - No Limits - Mid Rates - FGW - CTF - Battle Arena - Fortress War modified
Votes: 62

Transport Game Europe

A free-to-play persistent browser based game where you can run your own transport company. Be in charge of buying vehicles and trailers, accepting and assigning jobs and maintaining the operations and finances of your own company.
Votes: 1

Espada Legend Grand Open 28.06.2019

Grand Open 28.06.2019.Season 6 Episode 3. EXP-100 Drop-40.Server English and Russian. Come to us. And you will not regret it. Details of the server on the forum. A lot of interesting.
Votes: 3

Home MuOnline Season 12 Epi2 Max lvl 1000

Season 12 Episode 2 Exp: 500x Max Level: 1000 Max Reset: 10 Season 4 Sets and Wings Full Option Server Drops: 100% Monster HP:100% Keep Stats: Yes Reset Payment: 15000000 Pk Clear Payment: 25000000 Jewels and Pets on shop Machine %:85 Server up atleast 2 years!
Votes: 1

Golden Ages Mu

[The Ultimate Season II Server][Experience 60x][Drop Rate 30x][Max Resets:10][It will raise later][Premium Castle Siege][PK EVENTS][Special HoF Prizes][Reconnect System][Custom Attack OffAttack System][Premium Files-Antihack][Join us in order to live an amazing journey]
Votes: 370


NonDonator ONLY! No Fix Items No Max Rv Card No Prem Refine No Drama No Bias 99% Game Time and Vote Points Only Pure Hunt Suit for Solo Players 4 Class Max level: 210 Lv 167 Last Skills Last Set Crystal, Dama, Mithril, etc. Max Weap TB, RB, HB, etc. Max Upgrade+13
Votes: 160

Ravaged Worlds Online

Ravaged Worlds is trading-card-game of skirmishes based on a world occupied by humans, offworlders and daemons, bridged across the universe by the feared daemornia gates. With an extensive lore and refined mechanics this free game is played between two or more players each using a deck of cards; dep
Votes: 22

Mafia Paradise

Mafia Paradise is a browser-based gangster game. We engage with the community, welcome feedback and it's this engagement and feedback that drives the feature updates.
Votes: 163


Votes: 0


Hello come all play new openned Lineage 2 High Five server Rates 30x No Donate Ithems,No Lags,No Whipe all garant ... Server start 1.3.2019 Bufftime 60 min 26+12 GM shop for S grade,Events..... Save enchant +3max +20 ALT+B menu Come all play for fun:)
Votes: 155


Long-term servers! Custom Community board and more! EXP x15 SP x15 Adena x10 Drop chance x3 Spoil chance x5 RateRaidBoss x2 GroupDropItems x2 DropEpolets x2 QuestsDrop x3
Votes: 304

Lineage 1.5

Very Customized Server with an auction house, pvp arenas, Discord and constant uptime. NO WIPES EVER! (10 years and counting!!)
Votes: 205

Lineage 2 Getwork

Max Level: 90 XP/SP: 250 x Drop: 1 x Spoil: 1 x Adena: 10 x Safe enchant: 4 Max Enchant: 9500 / 15000 Normal: 70 % Blessed: 95 % Divine: 100 % (+10 per enchant) Max buffs: Unlimited
Votes: 2

Turtle WoW RP/PVE Vanilla Server

Greetings! We do our best to provide a unique WoW experience to those players who love questing, community, and everything to do with PvE. Our goal is to maintain a long lasting, friendly community, which will stay together for several years.
Votes: 193

MuOS.Club - MuOnline Old School

MuOS brings back the real experience of MU Online, Join US Now ! MuOS MU Online is the ultimate classic old school MU Online private server!
Votes: 50

The Mafia Age

The Mafia Age is a text based mafia MMORPG. The game runs in rounds and whoever is left standing on the rumble day every 6th week will recieve $200 game credits for the new round. Rank up, commit crimes, get a job and so much more!
Votes: 12


Version: Season 6 Eps 3 Experience: 40x Master experience: 10x Drop: 40% Maximum level: 400 Maximum master level: 300 Points per level: 5/7/7
Votes: 61


BattleMaster is a team-oriented browsergame merging strategy and roleplaying. It is set in a low-fantasy middle-ages world and players take the role of nobles and lords. No boring grind, free to play with no ads, and little time required to play!
Votes: 71

Player Killers' Exchange

PvP Hack n' slash action. Kill NPCs for equipment and upgrades. Kill Players for fun and profit. Many of you have been griefing the Internet for years now. But why do it for free? Put your PK skills to the test and earn crypto at the same time. No install or plugins required.
Votes: 4

L2 WarLand

New and popular server. Best Craft Server | NO Donation | NO Customs | Full Buffer | Community Board | Join NOW and embrace the growth!
Votes: 0

Exilium World Lineage

100x EXP, 300x Adena. All H5 features working, Custom Shops/Areas, Global Gatekeeper, Scheme Buffer, 6 Auto-Events, Anti-Bot system, Balanced Classes, No-Lag, International, Great Community
Votes: 0

LA2 / War of Thrones

Experience (EXP) - x10,Skill Points (SP) - x10,Adena - x10,Drop Itens - x10,Rate Quest Rewards - x10,Spoil - x20,Weight Limit - x10,Nevit's Blessing System with a bonus of 400% in all items in this over description.
Votes: 0

Lineage Coliseum

85 is max level reached as XP rate 300 / SP rate 300. Safe enchant +20 Max enchant +35 Enchant rate 80% to +30 60% to +35 Belaseed no break weapon Improve random enchant +1 / +3 Solid random enchant +1 / +3 no break no delevel item for items D to B Event random enchant +1 / +35 no break.
Votes: 150


This game is open, Themes and new things are added all the time. A Story is still in the works.
Votes: 6

Base War - Become the greatest Military Leader Today!

Browser based military strategy game. Upgrade buildings, create troops and attack other players to steal their resources! Register for this browser based strategy game for free!
Votes: 0

Exibius Network | 2.4.3 & 3.3.5

Are you searching for something new and interesting? Custom content with good quests line and fully scripted instances? Are you tired of unbalanced custom private servers? Than we are your solution. Join us and build your legacy.
Votes: 0