Top 3 healer classes in MMORPGs

December 4, 2019
Healers in MMORPG are not really noticed, until you don't have one in your party. To become a top-tier MMO player you need those buffs and auras. Here's some of the coolest and most interesting top 3 healer classes.

Is It Worth Playing Mu Legend in 2019

March 14, 2019
MU Online
Mu Legend was an eagerly anticipated sequel to a hugely popular MMORPG. Compared to other new MMOs - is it still worth playing?

Is it illegal to play on private servers?

March 3, 2019
Both private server owners and players ask this question. There are rules you have to follow when creating your private server if you don't want to end up in a court. As a player you also need to be careful...

New upcoming MMORPGs 2019

February 25, 2019
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The number of promising MMORPGs in 2019 is higher than usual. MMO genre really needs a good game after all these years. These upcoming games are what players are hoping for, enjoy this top list.

MMO games that have the best private servers

February 22, 2019
Everyone knows that World of Warcraft has countless private servers out there. Various XP rates, different versions and so on. But what are the other games that have lots of private servers to choose from?

How to pick a WoW private server

Before you jump into a WoW private server, make sure you pick the right one! There are few important aspects you need to watch out for before wasting your time and money. Here are 5 awesome tips and suggestions for you.